Born from the collaboration of the fashion designer Francesco Delvecchio and the cool hunter artist Filomena Guzzo. This is the result of many years of talented and excellent experience gained in the fashion field, by collaborating with fashion leader designers.

Art_fashion project
Event concept
Workshop fashion/art
Fashion designer/cool hunting
Editorial shooting
Personal shopper/styling
Art direction
Communication fashion/art/design


La Perla prêt a porter, Armani J, Atos Lombardini,
Cristina Effe, Mariella Burani, Pinko
1^Classe Alviero Martini
MilanoUnica, ModAmont Parigi
Intertexile Shanghai
PMQ HongKong
Apart Milano|Roma|Los Angeles


Visual Artistry, GQ Italia, Volition Magazine Los Angeles, Switch Magazine,
Runway Magazine, Institute Magazine Agnes, Vogue Italia, Impostor, Pop Dam,
Unfolded, Glassesandfashion
Fashion Basix


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#PROJECT 1 A limited edition of single clothing from number 0 to number 2000 whose some are reinterpreted, dismantled and reinvented in couture manner. Clothing to wear where the graphics were born from an instinctive and explosive art where, from the starting of the colour, sweet and irreverent figures arise. It's a sophisticated and glamour streetwear with a strong and saltorial taste, an exclusive capsule, a high quality product with a big artistic value.. a collection with a single and innovative concept. "An unexpected meeting of shapes, space and colours which earlier ignore them!"


In a beautiful day where it is raining colour my soul and heat my heart.
In a beautiful day where it is raining take me away and it will be a beautiful #PIOVEDÌ

Foto di Daniele Stanziani

Open your heart more, don't be a prisoner.
Be a bird which flies in the sky searching for dreams! #HAPPYBIRDAY to you.

Foto di Daniele Stanziani

When everyone begins to tell the same lie, it isn't a lie anymore but our truth.
An orgy of lie which becomes truth. Everyone is Pinocchio, every is an #ORGIACOLLODI

Foto di Carlo Farace

A club of characters where one always appears angry; anger is essential,
its absence means indifference, which is the most disastrous of the human lack. So nice #FIGHTCLUB

Foto di Ludovica Morchio